When Wiarton Willie woke up this morning, he didn’t see his shadow.  Early Spring!  Yes!

When the Nottawasaga Police Services Board woke up last week, it saw in it’s shadow Photo-Radar.  What!?!?

I read this article from the Barrie Advance’s Simcoe.com website.

The last time Photo-Radar was on Ontario’s highways was almost 20 years ago (1995).  Did you know that Photo-Radar sections in the Highway Traffic Act still exist?  That’s right, Photo-Radar never left the books.  What the Province of Ontario did was to decide not to proceed under Section 205.1 of the Highway Traffic Act.

That section deals with all the evidentiary issues involved and how this offence is processed through the Provincial Offences Court.  It is similar to Red Light Cameras.  Photo-Radar offences do not attract Demerit Points.

Other provinces that use Photo-Radar

  • Quebec, Alberta, Manitoba, Yukon, Northwest Territories

So here is the big question:  should the Province of Ontario re-introduce Photo-Radar?

Please share your thoughts on this issue.