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There are some kinds of license suspensions that can be resolved without a Paralegal.  The most common of these is when you default on paying a fine.  The Province of Ontario can suspend your license if the following applies to you:

  1. Suspensions for Criminal Code convictions
  2. Suspensions for Highway Traffic Act convictions
  3. Administrative Driver’s License Suspensions
  4. Mandatory Demerit Point Suspensions
  5. Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Fund Suspensions
  6. Failure to pay judgment suspensions
  7. Compulsory Automobile Insurance Act Suspensions
  8. Defaulted Fine Suspensions
  9. Novice Driver escalating sanction Suspensions
  10. Young Offender Suspensions
  11. Family Support Enforcement Suspensions

The process is generally all the same.  If you provide proof that you have fulfilled whatever provision that you have violated, you can go to any Driver’s License Issuing Office, provide proof, and you can pay the mandatory $150 reinstatement fee.  This is on top of any fine that you had to pay.  The only exception to the fee is for a medical reason.

For other payment options or more information, click here for the MTO website.

The best way to avoid adding $150 to your fines is to request an extension to pay the fine.  Here is the form for doing that.  Go to the court office as indicated on the back of your ticket.  You will have to meet with the Justice of the Peace to review your motion.  Plan on giving up half a day to accomplish this.

Finally, there are times when you do need a Paralegal to help you navigate through the legal red tape.  A prime example is the Administrative Driver’s License Suspension (ADLS).  There are only 2 reasons allowed for an ADLS appeal:  either it is a case of mistaken identity or you were unable to comply with providing a breath/body fluid sample for medical reasons under s. 254 of the Criminal Code of Canada.

Your medical doctor can write to MTO to suspend your driver’s license.  If you dispute the findings of your doctor, you will have to file an appeal with the Licensing Appeals Tribunal.

If your driver’s license has been suspended and you feel that you’ve been wronged, contact me to help you determine your rights.


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