Here are some facts to think about Medical Drivers’ License Suspensions, as provided by the Ontario Ombudsman’s report, “Better Safe Than Sorry“.

source:  http://www.ombudsman.on.ca/Files/sitemedia/pdf/MTO-Fact-sheet-EN.pdf


  • The number of medical or vision reports on drivers the Ministry of Transportation received from Doctors, Opticians, Ophthalmologists, and police in 2011


  • The number of drivers suspended for medical/vision reasons in 2011, or


  • The year in which doctors were paid a fee by OHIP for completing and filing a medical/vision report to the Ministry of Transportation.


  • The year in which the reporting of medical conditions became mandatory in Ontario


  • The percentage of all drivers who were reported to the Ministry of Transportation and subsequently had their driver’s license suspended


  • The fee in dollars which doctors receive for completing and filing a medical/vision report to the Ministry of Transportation


  • Number of fatal accidents likely to be caused by medical conditions


  • The factor in which the number of doctors reporting with a medical/vision report increased in 2006 because OHIP pays for completing and filing those reports

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